Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, with room changes, overflowing toilets, blocked Internet, security pounding on the door and flakey software we still pulled off our renegade broadcast from within the real Chelsea Hotel to the SL Chelsea Hotel, albiet 40 minutes late!

Thank you to all of you who filled the sim, and special thanks to my right hand gal at the virtual hotel enola Vaher who kept the crowd entertained while we got the Chelsea bugs worked out.

It was an honor to have author and RL hotel resident Ed Hamilton with me to read from his awesome book on the hotel!

I was also able finally meet in person other hotel residents that I've conversed with via the net for some time.

I took pictures of several hotel features and ALL of the art so look for many updates to the SL Chelsea in the near future.

Unfortunately the new opressive regime alarmed the door to the roof and I was not able to take any pics up there, so if ANYONE has any please send them to me so I can make the SL version more realistic.

Bring Back the Bards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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