Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New writer, great shows and o.o @ The Hotel Chelsea

Hello! First I’m going to introduce myself some little. In Second Life, I’m Perkey Felwitch. You can usually find me at a live music show, or exploring a beautiful sim and taking pictures or building a set for pictures I see in my human head and want to try out in SL. You can also find me at the Hotel Chelsea on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings when I’m helping enola and Donna host the shows there :)

Enola asked for help with the blog and I figured I’d give it a try :) So here goes!

This Tuesday, November 22nd we hosted Geos Copperfield and Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth on the Chelsea stage.

Geos Copperfield
Now, Geos is a fantastic performer from California. What I didn’t know, is that he has a hidden talent o.o It’s true! He’s skilled Air Guitarist!! o.o Really, he was able to play his  whole set on Air Guitar! It was AMAZING!  

Verion Helix
Also amazing was one of our guests tonight. In SL, we see some fantastic creativity, and this is a brilliant example of such :) With that, I present to you Verion Helix!

When Obe joined us, I was a little confused o.o Well, it’s Obe and he changes avatars more often then socks I think :) Always interesting, and his current look is no exception. Though, it’s a little odd to see Richard Nixon rocking out on the Chelsea stage o.O Or maybe not so much?

What's a bit more on the odd side, is how he "winds down" after a show o.o
Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth
Obe after dark o.o

These are the last shows for a full week. We’re taking a break with Gobble day coming up :) Check events or the marquee in the venue for our upcoming shows!

Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading! Till next time, be good to you & HUGS!