Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Poet Standing

At 7:30 SLT on Saturday May 9th 2009, we hosted our first ever Spoken Word Competition at the Hotel Chelsea Second Life!

The Last Poet Standing heat promised a prize of $1000L to "the last poet standing" and it is a test of endurance and performance skill, as poets are required to read in a "round robin" format, never reading the same poem twice.

The heat began at 7:30 SLT and featured Gwendolyn, Rosarie, Saberman Carter, Sissimaid, and Skylar Smythe.

Sabreman Carter was the last poet standing, by 12:30 SLT, after five straight hours of Spoken Word Performance!

Spectators filled the room throughout!

Congratulations Sabreman!

For more information about Spoken Word events at the Hotel Chelsea Second Life, please contact Skylar Smythe, Director of Marketing at:

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