Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Virtual Hotel Chelsea featured on Real Life Hotel Chelsea Blog!


April 22, 2009

Bards Reign Eternal in Virtual Hotel Chelsea on Second Life

Been missing your mail? Pick it up at the virtual Chelsea Hotel on Second Life, where they still have the old time mailboxes. In a timeless hotel where Stanley Bard will always be the manager, cowboy artist David Combs still seems to be painting the lobby. May he paint throughout eternity! Though there’s a convenient cab waiting at the door, in an unfortunate oversight, there’s no Dan’s Guitars. Maybe virtual Marlene Krauss has evicted them. Ah well. And actually, I lied about Stanley being there. (Maybe somebody has to create his character—they should get right on that. If not, Arthur Nash will have to start a Second Life Bring Back the Bards campaign). Gigi Travis and Wee Willie Tillie should join and then they can be dueling failures.

Chelsea Hotel was created in Second Life by Michael Skall who has been "enamoured with the Chelsea Hotel for quiet a few years." In an e-mail he explains his project:

"Second Life ( a virtual online 3D world where all of the content is user created. I regularly perform my music there live, but I've also created the Hotel there from several pictures that I took while there. It's totally interactive, and even has one working elevator, that works sometimes... lol I've also built a virtual lounge where the El Quiote should be, call it virtual poetic license. I plan on hosting poetry reads there, as well as music. "SL" is a great venue to get music and poetry out in almost real time to people all over the world....
I would like your input if you see any way that this can help the cause of saving the Chelsea for what it should be? I may be able to raise awareness, and even have benefits, but I don't know what else I can do to help your cause...
I've attached some pics, and if you are or may get into SL (it's free btw) here's the SLURL you'll need to find it The music is currently all Chelsea related, and if you click on the sign you get a history notecard, as well as the pictures and other plaques give a list of residents."

There you have it! El Quixote has been replaced with a lounge for the poets and musicians to perform their work! Well, better that it happen in Second Life than in First Life I say. Here are the pics if you haven't joined the brave new world of Second Life.

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