Saturday, December 3, 2011

Live shows at Hotel Chelsea .. Yes, they happen!

Every week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, enola does her best to book some of the best Live Performers in SL to grace the Hotel Chelsea stage. This Saturday was no different (and I always wonder why the 300+ Bohemians can never make it over).
Lyndon Heart (and his hat!! <3)

We had Lyndon Heart on our stage for the first time. Lyndon has been performing in Second Life for a while now, and has a pretty good show. Despite some technical issues, the show went on. And his hat rocks LOL

You can find out more about Lyndon on his website.

David Csiszer

David joined us again this week (this is what happens when weeks blend and booking blend every month LOL) but we always enjoy his shows :) I still don't think he can over play any song, and he's one of the masters with the looper when he gets going!

He's also a linguistics teacher! Now we know how to ask where the monkey is :) Always useful! Providing of course, we lose a monkey in Mexico o.0

It was a fairly tame night at the Chelsea :) Only interesting avatar of the night was me o.o LOL

And don't call me CUTE!! >.<

That's all for this edition of your Chelsea blog. Remember, it is for you, Bohemians. The blog, the shows, all of it :)

Oh! If you have any ideas for the blog, please feel free to send me e-mail. Also, I'd like to do a series of interviews with Chelsea artists, so be warned! Questions coming!!!