Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mystery of Missing Artwork Solved!

So, as I was cleaning up the Hotel lobby following our stellar 6 month anniversary party, I caught something out of the corner of my eye that I hadn't noticed before. To my surprise this large triangular red piece of art had appeared above the check-in desk!

Assuming enola had put it there, I waited for her to arrive for her nightly visit, and asked her. She thought I was nuts, and had to look for herself. Denying having put it there, we both assumed either Donna or Cinnamon were up to something, probably drinking, and had decided to decorate the place.

But alas after several bright lights and phonebooks, both still denied having any knowledge of the mysterious appearance.

I decided to do a little sleuthing, and placed a few calls to some friends in the Real Life Hotel Chelsea to see if they could provide any clues.

One person, we'll call him "tEd" told me that indeed an identical piece of art used to hang above the counter in the exact same place in the RL Hotel!

When I asked what happened to it, he replied that it had vanished! He said that some residents speculated that since this artist is quite popular right now that the current "management" might have decided to sell this piece of Hotel History for personal gain!
Not that I like defending the new regime at the Chelsea, but I'm here to tell you, they did not!
Thanks to my super sleuthing ability and trusty Brendan Behan decoder ring, I figured out exactly what happened!!!
When "tEd" told me it vanished, he was right on the money! It actually vanished, gone, kaput! And thanks to a tear in the time/space continuum caused by some bad mojovoodo left at the hotel by Harry Smith, and the recent crossover between SL and RL at the Chelsea, things that disappear in the Real Hotel sometimes appear in the SL Hotel!!!
I know this to be fact, because several other things that are vanishing at the Real Hotel have been showing up in the SL one for quite some time! Things like the Bring Back the Bards Banners, the Historic Mailboxes, Long Term Residents, Poets, Musicians, and Authors!!! We've even seen some integrity in the management!!!
I know it sounds incredible, but it's true!
Now, here's the icing on the cake, since this artist (who shall remain nameless) is quite in vogue now, it appears that this piece of art could be worth about a MILLION dollars! I'm so glad that they didn't profit from this.. and wow, I'm glad it showed up here.. I did the math, and $1,000,000.00 time the current exchange rate for Lindens, minus the sacrificial goat, plus buying myself a much cooler hairdoo than I have in real life, equals... wow, a shitload of Lindens!!!

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