Sunday, June 28, 2009

V-Hotel Chelsea's Own Marketing Manager to Debut "Hypatia"

As yet another testament to the amazing variety that the Virtual Hotel Chelsea has attracted since it's inception, our very own Marketing Manager, Ms. Skylar Smythe will be debuting her in world production "Hypatia of Alexandria"on Monday, June 29, 2009.

Ms. Smythe, has worn many hats in RL & SL over the years. In addition to the Chelsea's marketing manager, she's been known as "The Guerilla Poetess", event coordinator, venue owner, host, etc. etc. Well, Bohemians, prepare to add two more to that list: Writer and Producer.

When I asked Skylar about the inspiration for this production she had this to say:

"While studying the painting "The School of Athens" (Raphael), I came across a haunting figure in the piece, a woman who stared stoic from the painting, and straight into my soul. The story of the life and death of Hypatia of Alexandria captured my imagination, as I read about her fierce defiance against the patriarchal academic society, her embrace of intellectualism, and her stand for logical and social change, which lead to her horrific murder."

You can't get much more "Multimedia" than this.. A picture inspires writing, becomes a live production in a Virtual World.. top that one Warhol.. :-)

"So, Skylar what makes this "play" different than what we've already seen in Second Life?"

"I was committed to go against the grain of formal Greek theatre. Rather than impress, and arguably bore the audience with layers upon layers of academic facts and historical references (what I loosely refer to as EGO-THEATRE), I chose instead to "keep it real", and write a play which would be accessible to the masses, inspiring admiration for my characters great accomplishments. The play is written in an empathic tone, for a broad audience, allowing them to relate intimately with the "human experience" of the characters in the play."

The production has gotten some serious backing already, Sponsored by TLE Educational Network, Second Life's "Free University", and edited and directed by well known Second Life artist, poet, and writer Leonardo Zimring, Ms. Smythe is bringing out the big guns. She enlisted Josue Habana as Media Producer, and the author was given a sneak peek at the theater build and finds it stunning.

The custom theatre has been designed with a museum display, where audience members can explore pictures of real artifacts recovered from the ocean, in what was once the ancient city of Alexandria. Then, the audience is invited to step through "The School of Athens" painting, and like Alice through the looking glass, step back in time with the cast, to life in the year 415 AD. Learn about the her tragic and indignant death, and how it came to be that Hypatia of Alexandria, sworn enemy of the Christian Church and accused Heretic, found herself to be a subject in a painting, that would forever grace the walls of Vatican City.

For your very own preview head on over to:

It has become clear that like all of the best things in SL (including the Hotel Chelsea), this one is born out of a labor of love, and not greed or profit. It is with anxious anticipation that I await the opening night, and congratulate one of our own for her amazing dedication to this project.

Break a leg Skylar.