Friday, August 27, 2010

It's the Last Weekend in August! Music to Close out the Month...

Hello bohemians, come celebrate the close of August by joining us tonight and tomorrow for some amazing musical acts hosted by the virtual Hotel Chelsea. We have none other than the rocking dissonance of Dead Heathers and melodic acoustics of Freestar Tammas coming to you live at the "El Quijote" 6pm and 7pm SLT respectively. On Saturday, August 28th, we have the Chelsea's very own Zo live on stage for you at 5pm SLT, followed by Matt Perreault at 6pm SLT. Please show your support for these amazing performers and tell me what YOU think of them too! That's right bohemians, I love feedback about what you love about our little collective so why not let it be known today! Emails to are always welcome, or simply drop me a NOTECARD inworld. I look forward to hearing from you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Featured Life Music: Jed Luckless Saturday, August 21, 5:00 - 7:00 pm SLT!

Check it out, a fun 2 hour set by the awesome singer/entertainer Jed Luckless, also known as "Jammin' Jed" to his fans. We will be gathering at the "El Quijote" so bring your favorite dance partner, and let's all dance the night away! Here is your limo!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Every Thursday -- Literary Night! Join us at 6:00 pm SLT

Hello fellow bohemians, all of you are welcome to join us and participate in our Thursday evening Literary Night events. Sometimes we gather in the virtual Hotel Chelsea lobby, and at other times in our lovely Gallery 23 just next door. Take this SLURL and enjoy an hour or more of shared creative power and inspiration. Bring your own writing with you, or read aloud a favorite author's work, or both! This is a fun group, informal, and encouraging of new participants. Don't know what to bring? That's fine too! Come join us and get your feet wet, listening to some delicious short stories and poetry spoken aloud by fellow residents.

What to know before hand:

* People will be using voice chat, so remember to turn on this option in your viewer's preferences tab. If you need help, here is a quick video tutorial on how to do so. In addition, here is a link to a SL WIKI about all things Voice Chat Related if you need further assistance. I hope this information helps, and to see YOU at our Literary Nights in Second Life.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Featured Live Music: Geos Copperfield and Strum Diesel, Wednesday, August 18th!

5pm SLT - Geos Copperfield

He's an acoustic guitar player, incredibly fun and entertaining, bringing us cover and originals tonight! Please welcome him back to the Hotel. Here's what Devin Littleboots mentions about his style: "[He] serve[s] up an entertaining mix of original material and crowd pleasing covers from the 60s to the current day."

6pm SLT - Strum Diesel

Bringing his awesome charm and grace to our stage, again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's all PARTY and sing Happy Birthday to Mykal Skall & Enola Vaher!

Please join me, fellow bohemians, in wishing virtual Hotel Chelsea founder, Mykal Skall, and sim Manager, Enola Vaher, a deliciously decadent Happy Birthday, SUNDAY AUGUST 15th! As I break immediately into song with:

"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you... happy birthday dear Mykal & Enola, happy birthday to you..."

And as one round is certainly NEVER enough... perhaps you'll join me in a few more rounds in French, Spanish, and German too. Follow these links and sing along... (giggles).

Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured Live Music: Tonewoodfrank Unplugged and EricSteffensen Mistwalker

For our awesome musical line-up on Saturday, August the 14th, please welcome Tonewoodfrank Unplugged and EricSteffensen Mistwalker to our stage at the "El Quijote"!

5 pm SLT - Tonewoodfrank Unplugged

He's a wonderful singer and acoustic guitarist from the self-proclaimed "shadow of the Big Apple" in RL. We know you all love him so come join us for this delicious opening act in Second Life!

6 pm SLT - EricSteffensen Mistwalker

He's a singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist from Salt Lake City, Utah. His songs deal with questions of the heart, life, spirituality and are inspired by the likes of REM, Smashing Pumpkins, and Eric Clapton. He performs covers and original tunes live in SL.

Featured Live Music: Dead Heathers and Freestar Tammas

It's Friday, August the 13th, and do you know what's happening in the Virtual Hotel Chelsea? Some rockin live music, that's what! Come take your limo to the "El Quijote".

6 pm SLT - Dead Heathers

You know them, you love them, come hear them bohemians!! Three piece band spanning three continents singing covers and original tunes! For fans of dissonant music by the likes of PJ Harvey and certainly won't wanna miss this act!

7 pm SLT - Freestar Tammas

Listen to this awesome signer/songwriter perform live with her acoustic guitar. She does covers and originals, mixing it all up in a fun way. Kick back with us, a bottle of wine perhaps, and chill.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Featured Live Music: Wednesday, August 11th

5 pm SLT - Agustin Braham

6 pm SLT - Chris Evermore

Join us tonight bohemians, and enjoy these two wonderful talents perform live for our listening pleasure. Here is your limo to the Lyceum where we will be gathering: Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's great to have Gwen on board as our new official Blogess!!! I've always wanted to keep a running blog of all the whacky events that happen at the SL Chelsea but never had the time.

So stop on in and say hi to Gwen!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Come see 7 talented artists showing at Gallery 23 till August 31st!

Our wonderful Gallery 23 rotates exhibits of new art every other month, and we have an amazing showcase of raw talent on display now till August 31st. Support your fellow bohemians and enjoy relevant art! What you'll see are funky creations by Hollie Massenberg, Christalina Halostar, Terra Teardrop, Talullah Winterwolf, Angie Xenga, Gloria Delicioso, and Van Caerndow! Works are made in a variety of media, including some combined prose & photography. In addition, come see RL created paintings, SL based art, and more.

Don't forget to rate Gallery 23 on the "Galleries of Second Life" board in the entryway before you leave! This helps spread the word about who we are and what we do to other artists and art lovers in the SL community. Thank you :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Taking on the new role as Blogger for the Virtual Hotel Chelsea!

Hello everyone, my name's Gwen Difference and please note that I'll be your new blogger for the Virtual Hotel Chelsea in Second Life. It's an awesome task and I'm thrilled to be doing it. I'm a huge fan of the RL and SL Hotel Chelsea and happy to be an artist/graphic designer/blogger in RL. If there are news and events you'd like to talk about happening in our area, please let me know. All of us in the rockin' bohemian community can depend on this blog as the key resource for the latest information and news. To help spread the word about your Chelsea related events please contact me so it can be posted here. I can be reached via email, and always by IM or Notecard inworld too.

SLURLS To our Hotspots!