Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mystery of Missing Artwork Solved!

So, as I was cleaning up the Hotel lobby following our stellar 6 month anniversary party, I caught something out of the corner of my eye that I hadn't noticed before. To my surprise this large triangular red piece of art had appeared above the check-in desk!

Assuming enola had put it there, I waited for her to arrive for her nightly visit, and asked her. She thought I was nuts, and had to look for herself. Denying having put it there, we both assumed either Donna or Cinnamon were up to something, probably drinking, and had decided to decorate the place.

But alas after several bright lights and phonebooks, both still denied having any knowledge of the mysterious appearance.

I decided to do a little sleuthing, and placed a few calls to some friends in the Real Life Hotel Chelsea to see if they could provide any clues.

One person, we'll call him "tEd" told me that indeed an identical piece of art used to hang above the counter in the exact same place in the RL Hotel!

When I asked what happened to it, he replied that it had vanished! He said that some residents speculated that since this artist is quite popular right now that the current "management" might have decided to sell this piece of Hotel History for personal gain!
Not that I like defending the new regime at the Chelsea, but I'm here to tell you, they did not!
Thanks to my super sleuthing ability and trusty Brendan Behan decoder ring, I figured out exactly what happened!!!
When "tEd" told me it vanished, he was right on the money! It actually vanished, gone, kaput! And thanks to a tear in the time/space continuum caused by some bad mojovoodo left at the hotel by Harry Smith, and the recent crossover between SL and RL at the Chelsea, things that disappear in the Real Hotel sometimes appear in the SL Hotel!!!
I know this to be fact, because several other things that are vanishing at the Real Hotel have been showing up in the SL one for quite some time! Things like the Bring Back the Bards Banners, the Historic Mailboxes, Long Term Residents, Poets, Musicians, and Authors!!! We've even seen some integrity in the management!!!
I know it sounds incredible, but it's true!
Now, here's the icing on the cake, since this artist (who shall remain nameless) is quite in vogue now, it appears that this piece of art could be worth about a MILLION dollars! I'm so glad that they didn't profit from this.. and wow, I'm glad it showed up here.. I did the math, and $1,000,000.00 time the current exchange rate for Lindens, minus the sacrificial goat, plus buying myself a much cooler hairdoo than I have in real life, equals... wow, a shitload of Lindens!!!

There is no post here!

Virtual Chelsea Celebrates 6 Months!!!

What a long strange trip it is.
Nov 4 marked the 6 month anniversary of the opening of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea!
The celebration christened the newly built Lyceum Theatre.
Someone made the comment that "6 months in SL is like 6 years in RL" it really is if you think about the way life is so accelerated in the Virtual world...
I'd like to thank all of you that have been a part of this amazing community we've created here in SL. It's incredible that this venture is still self supporting, I really had no idea that we'd be going six days later, let alone six months.
Thanks to all of you for your support! Thanks to all of you in the RL Chelsea!
Bring Back the Bards!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lyceum Theatre rebuilt on 23rd. Street.

The Lyceum Theatre, while it never existed on 23rd Street, was designed by the same architect that built the Hotel Chelsea... we've recreated it here circa 1890 to be used for larger events.

For the best virtual sangria and lamb chops!!!

Inspired by dinner with Ed Hamilton at the RL El Quijote Restaurant situated under the Hotel Chelsea, I came home wracked with guilt at having omitted it from our Virtual build...

Alas, I give you the best virtual sangria in the universe!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chelsea Horror Hotel Halloween Parade a Huge Hit!

23rd Street was filled with vampires, monsters, serial killers, and Donna had an arrow through her head.

You might say this is a normal night at the Virtual Chelsea,.... ummmm.. because it is..

But really, this was special, it was our Halloween Parade, Hosted by enola and Donna, with Mykal trying his skills as DJ.

The turnout and costumes were amazing! The decorations horrifying! Blood in the streets! Monsters in the manholes! Burning Taxis! Oh my!

Congrats to the two winners of our $1000 prize for best costumes, Brianna and Jason!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, with room changes, overflowing toilets, blocked Internet, security pounding on the door and flakey software we still pulled off our renegade broadcast from within the real Chelsea Hotel to the SL Chelsea Hotel, albiet 40 minutes late!

Thank you to all of you who filled the sim, and special thanks to my right hand gal at the virtual hotel enola Vaher who kept the crowd entertained while we got the Chelsea bugs worked out.

It was an honor to have author and RL hotel resident Ed Hamilton with me to read from his awesome book on the hotel!

I was also able finally meet in person other hotel residents that I've conversed with via the net for some time.

I took pictures of several hotel features and ALL of the art so look for many updates to the SL Chelsea in the near future.

Unfortunately the new opressive regime alarmed the door to the roof and I was not able to take any pics up there, so if ANYONE has any please send them to me so I can make the SL version more realistic.

Bring Back the Bards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mark your calendar for Saturday Oct. 24th at 5pm. SLT (8pm. EST)
For a once in a lifetime chance to experience the Chelsea Hotel in both worlds!

Ed Hamilton, author of “Legends of the Chelsea Hotel: Living with Artists and Outlaws in New York's Rebel Mecca”

Will be reading live at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea in Second life, FROM the real Hotel Chelsea in Manhattan NYC!

Followed by SL Singer/Songwriter and creator of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, Mykal Skall performing live FROM the real Hotel Chelsea!

Ed is an aficionado of the Hotel’s History and life within the walls that were once shared by Bob Dylan, Arthur C. Clarke, Leonard Cohen, Thomas Wolfe, etc. etc. and will answer questions you may have about the current state of the hotel, what life is like there, or anything you want to know about the world’s Mecca of Bohemia.

Knowing that life in both Hotels can be "unpredicatable" at times you never know what else we may get into, so don't miss it.

We expect this to be a SIM filling event, so if you can't get in, or choose to listen outside of SL, you can go here to listen live:

Check out the blogs at:


Thursday, October 1, 2009



Come one, come all, to Literary Night at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea. Readings start tonight at 6pm SLT, so bring your friends and your reading glasses and join the literati of virtual Bohemia!

Literati Mobile Attached, hop in!

~ Cinn

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Let Quinton stimulate your senses, awaken your mind, and enrich your soul...his deep melodious voice and awesome guitar (acoustic & electric) playing combine as he performs a mixture of music genres from rock, to ballads, to traditional folk songs. Join us as we welcome him to the Hotel Chelsea tonight.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yeah, you missed it...

Didn't make it to the Literary Night @ the Virtual Hotel Chelsea? Wondering what you missed?

BAM! Complete with visual aid. Behold, Corvus... he wrapped it all up in a deliciously dark bow with his rendition of 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe.

Thanks, Corvus!

(And yes, he is sitting in the chair at the right, and he is a crow wearing a tophat and bowtie while smoking a cigar... like that's weird?)

Oh.... and did we mention: LITERARY NIGHT TONIGHT??


Come one, come all, to Literary Night at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea. Readings start tonight at 6pm SLT, so bring your friends and your reading glasses and join the literati of virtual Bohemia!

Literati Mobile Attached, hop in!

~ Cinn


Literaray night at the hotel TONIGHT!!

We want people to read poetry, prose, short excerpts from novels... whatever you want as long as it is not too long. Please contact Cinnamon Zemenis or Enola Vaher if you would like to be included.

Thank you, Bohemians!

~ Cinn

Thursday, September 17, 2009



We are planning a Literaray night at the hotel on Thursday, September 24th. We want people to read poetry, prose, short excerpts from novels... whatever you want as long as it is not too long. Please contact Cinnamon Zemenis or Enola Vaher if you would like to be included.

Thank you, Bohemians!

~ Cinn

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Another Crazy Sunday Night

Who'd have thought Sunday could be one of those, 'wow, I can't wait for Sunday' kind of days?

Well, it was last night. The Virtual Hotel Chelsea was rocking with its socks out, all over your face.

Yeah, don't remember that? Probably because you were passed out, and we totally stuck your undies in the freezer while we had wild lion sex on your bed. Oh yeah... you might want to wash your face before you head out of the house. We may or may not have written some tasteless face graffiti all over your sleeping visage.

Don't you wish you had been there for all the fun?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dylan is off of this world....

The adventure du jour...

As many rezidents of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea can attest, the hotel cat, Dylan, gets into some pretty weird places. This is run of the mill.

Until of course, he's returned from off world. HUH? Not sure how, but he was returned apparently from RL. Straaange.

Then today he was on the balcony outside the hotel. How'd he get there? One wonders....

Don't know. Just enjoy the ride.

~ Cinn

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Winter Wetherby Live @ The VHC, 4pm SLT

So, you were sitting there thinking, 'Damn, I have no idea what to do at 7pm ET/4pm SLT.'

Well, now you have something to do. Follow the white rabbit to the live show at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea. Look, there's even a cute lil link for your clicking enjoyment!

Lineup this evening:

Winter Wetherby
Jon Enimo

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the Aftermath of Debauchery.... aka Will You Still Respect Us in the Morning

Last night at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea was wild good times. There was cake and everything.

Oh what? You weren't there? Yeah.... you totally missed it. What were you doing anyway? Tsk.

Well, I guess you'll know better next time that when we say party at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, we mean business, buck-o.

Once again, happy birthday wishes to Enola and Mykal!

~ Cinn

P.S. Also included here for your viewing enjoyment is a shot of a typical Thursday night at the VHC (first pic in the series).

Wish you were here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Enola Vaher AND Mykal Skall!!!

Come on down and join us for awesome cake and fun.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pixel Panties Are FLYING! Why Aren't YOU???

Yeah, that's right, kids. Pixel. Panties. Flying.

Up next is Lance Rembrandt at the Lyceum at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea.

Get thee here, or get thee to a nunnery!

Zay It Ain't ZO CANNING!

Okay, you CAN say it's Zo Canning, because it is, and he's rocking the joint.

Come on down to the Lyceum and get your electric friend on. Or you can be a cartoon friend. We like those, too. Either way... in this day and age, at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, you can proudly say that your friends are indeed... electric.

So take that, Gary Numan.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sooo... Ummmm.... Three Words, Sounds Like WTF?

It was a dark and stormy night... well, no, it wasn't, but dammit, it should have been. All great horror stories start out with a good blustery storm, afterall.

I heard voices.. there we go... sounds better already, right? So I followed the voices down into the bar of the hotel........ And that is when everything went to Animal Farm, apparently.

I swear I was sober when I took this picture, and I swear there was a bunch of people with giant chicken heads flapping around the bar.

And that is when I snapped the picture, more to prove to myself that I was sane and that what I was seeing was insane.

I, sadly, am fine. The world, it would seem, has gone to chickenshit.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

American Gothic - The Digital Edition

What a great day for art!

Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support at the Wrong-Side Gallery Grand Opening. We had a pretty good crowd, and the walking talking Nemesis 'living' art was a huge hit.

Took some pics, too. To the left, we've got the 2009 Digital Remix of American Gothic, dragons a-plenty, provided by Fagan Parx, and visitors of the opening and Gallery Row: Lacey Razorfen, Enola Vaher, and Briana Afterthought.

Give us your thoughts on some of your favorite pieces/galleries in the Virtual Chelsea neighborhood.

Here There Be Dragons

At the Grand Opening of the Wrong-Side Gallery on Gallery row, we had a special guest: a dragon, courtesy of Fagan Parx.

Pictured next to the dragon is Lyceum manager and artist extraordinaire Enola Vaher.

See what you're missing?? Get down here!

~ Cinn

Art By Any Other Name is Still Art aka You Want Some Cheese to Go with Your Wine?

If you haven't gotten your culture on yet and visited all the friggin' awesome of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, well, then I just feel sad for you. There. I've said it. Saaaad.

Where are all these galleries, you ask? Well, hell... here, let me just hold your hand a bit.

First and foremost, there's Gallery 23 at
Featured artists include:
Seven Jacks
Ducce Lykin
Ichiko Miles
Juliete3D Quinzet
Van Caerndow
Perkey Felwitch
Arkalen Stratten

First up on Gallery Row is Intaglio at
Some truly neat art, so go check it out.

Next is my lil piece of art heaven, The Wrong-side Gallery: The right art for all the wrong reasons at
We'll be featuring the art of writer Suzi M at the Grand Opening set for Noon, SLT TODAY. There will be wine, cheese, and in true gritty NYC style... virtual cocaine. There will also be a surprise guest straight out of one of Suzi's Immortal War novels, so come on down at Noon SLT!

Third on the row is Vividblack Galleries at
Incredibly intense photo art. Seriously, you need to check it out.

Bringing it all together is the Factory Galleries at
Featuring art work by the lovely and talented Enola Vaher of Finely Torn "Id" gallery fame (and if you've visited the Lyceum, you've more than likely met Enola :)).

For those artists out there looking to get in on the action, there are still some spaces available in the Factory, so get thee there and rent em up!

See everyone at the Grand Opening today!

~ Cinn

Friday, August 7, 2009

No Habla Espanol or Portugese!

Don't let the title fool you... I'm sure you'll find someone who speaks those languages at The Virtual Hotel Chelsea, especially if you came in together and know each other.

Just don't assume the rest of us speak either of those languages. Especially if one certain Cinnamon Zemenis says "NO habla espanol." See, the word 'no' can be so misleading, I understand how you might be confused. No really, I mean that.

NO I DON'T! See how no still means no across the board? It's so versatile. NO NO NO. NO I will not show you my room at the Chelsea, even if you ask me several different ways. The room is by invite only. No I will not be impressed by your inability to use Google translator to babble something about a lime??? WTF? I don't have a lime, and you will not stand in awe of it. (I mean, seriously... a LIME?? I have no idea.)

No, you may not see my pixels, nor should you be impolite when asking another resident or visitor of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea to see their pixels. Trust me, if they wanted to see you naked, they would have asked. Yeah, I'm looking at you over there with your genders sticking out of your pixelpants.

But onward and upward - you there, put it away, it's a figure of speech! Both hands on the keyboard and such.

Tonight's mayhem will begin at 7pm SLT with the awesome of Mykal Skall giving us all aural pleasure with original songs sung in the key of sexy.

After that? Who knows? I do expect that all creepy non-pants folk will DRESS accordingly. See how I did that? That whole get dressed subtle hint. Where do you think we are? In a friggin' barn?

Other updates and adventures du jour, for those following the limited adventures I've had so far that have nothing to do with foreign limes, genders, or pixelpants....

If you haven't checked out the gallery stuff all over the place around the virtual Hotel Chelsea, then I really think you need to put your pixelpants back on, take off your genders, and go mingle with the artisterati of digital Bohemia.

Note to fellow Chelsea residents... if you plan on indulging in *ahem* extracurricular activities in your room, may I (highly) suggest using a private chat channel? Trust me, you'll thank me for my advice or at least the knowledge that everyone can hear you. And Ducce will thank you. LOL

Adventure of the day was a shopping trip with the lovely and luscious Lacey Razorfen, wherein we ventured for accessories and such. Got to see some of the more interesting Furries I've encountered in SL. I think they were supposed to be cats, but they greeted each other like stuffed animals. It was creepy in a Rainbow Brite sort of way.

At least they kept their pants on.... four legs bad? I don't think so.

~ Cinn

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So This Was A First in Second Life

Forgot to discuss this yesterday, but thought I would share a Second Life first....

While hanging at the bar chatting and gender swapping with fellow Bohemians, this person wanders in off the street. Those present say hello, person stares at us blankly. You ready for the punchline?

They asked us for money. Just came out and said 'Can I have some money?'with no rhyme or reason even.

The brass ones. I'm not a big fan of people bugging me for money in general, and usually one can count on a strip tease or an awesome mini-concert for a few well-earned L$ on a good day. But no... no nothing. Not even a knock-knock joke or hell, even a good excuse - 'I need the L$ for an electric blood transfusion', 'I need to catch the monorail', 'There's a really sexy flexi skirt I wanted to get in order to start my career as a hooker'... Nothing. Like flat soda. Just right out there... Can I have some money.

It was a strange situation, and we all kind of laughed it off... until the same person wandered in from the lobby and once again asked the question.

My reply was polite enough, I think. I said 'No thank you.'

So here's the fun part.... what's your weirdest/funniest experience while hanging at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea? This is not a rhetorical question. Click the comment dealie below and share share share!

~ Cinn

Monday, August 3, 2009

Greetings and Salutations

Hello to everyone out there in digital Bohemia!

For those I've met before (more than likely in the depths of the Lyceum at the Chelsea), how are you? Did you get that cash from that email? How are your parents doing? Hope everyone's well and crazy Aunt Zinnia went back on her meds so she'll stop doing that creepy thing she does with the pants.

For those friends I haven't met yet, feel free to say hello if you see me around. Always up for meeting new people.

And for those not in the know of the awesome that is Mykal Skall, come on down to the virtual Hotel Chelsea and check it out. Doors are always open, show starts at 5pm SLT.


~ Cinn

From within The Virtual Chelsea Walls....

Virtual Chelsea Resident Cinnamon Zemenis has become our first official resident blogger, to keep you all informed of the daily crazyness of life at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea... please welcome here uncensored reports from within the walls.......

Sunday, June 28, 2009

V-Hotel Chelsea's Own Marketing Manager to Debut "Hypatia"

As yet another testament to the amazing variety that the Virtual Hotel Chelsea has attracted since it's inception, our very own Marketing Manager, Ms. Skylar Smythe will be debuting her in world production "Hypatia of Alexandria"on Monday, June 29, 2009.

Ms. Smythe, has worn many hats in RL & SL over the years. In addition to the Chelsea's marketing manager, she's been known as "The Guerilla Poetess", event coordinator, venue owner, host, etc. etc. Well, Bohemians, prepare to add two more to that list: Writer and Producer.

When I asked Skylar about the inspiration for this production she had this to say:

"While studying the painting "The School of Athens" (Raphael), I came across a haunting figure in the piece, a woman who stared stoic from the painting, and straight into my soul. The story of the life and death of Hypatia of Alexandria captured my imagination, as I read about her fierce defiance against the patriarchal academic society, her embrace of intellectualism, and her stand for logical and social change, which lead to her horrific murder."

You can't get much more "Multimedia" than this.. A picture inspires writing, becomes a live production in a Virtual World.. top that one Warhol.. :-)

"So, Skylar what makes this "play" different than what we've already seen in Second Life?"

"I was committed to go against the grain of formal Greek theatre. Rather than impress, and arguably bore the audience with layers upon layers of academic facts and historical references (what I loosely refer to as EGO-THEATRE), I chose instead to "keep it real", and write a play which would be accessible to the masses, inspiring admiration for my characters great accomplishments. The play is written in an empathic tone, for a broad audience, allowing them to relate intimately with the "human experience" of the characters in the play."

The production has gotten some serious backing already, Sponsored by TLE Educational Network, Second Life's "Free University", and edited and directed by well known Second Life artist, poet, and writer Leonardo Zimring, Ms. Smythe is bringing out the big guns. She enlisted Josue Habana as Media Producer, and the author was given a sneak peek at the theater build and finds it stunning.

The custom theatre has been designed with a museum display, where audience members can explore pictures of real artifacts recovered from the ocean, in what was once the ancient city of Alexandria. Then, the audience is invited to step through "The School of Athens" painting, and like Alice through the looking glass, step back in time with the cast, to life in the year 415 AD. Learn about the her tragic and indignant death, and how it came to be that Hypatia of Alexandria, sworn enemy of the Christian Church and accused Heretic, found herself to be a subject in a painting, that would forever grace the walls of Vatican City.

For your very own preview head on over to:

It has become clear that like all of the best things in SL (including the Hotel Chelsea), this one is born out of a labor of love, and not greed or profit. It is with anxious anticipation that I await the opening night, and congratulate one of our own for her amazing dedication to this project.

Break a leg Skylar.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stan Bardenboar says "MAILBOXES AND DYLANS ROOM STAY" Residents Rejoice!

Recently while loitering in the lobby of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, eating cheese curls, and flinging every sixth one towards my poet friends, we got to discussing the subject of the ratty old pigeon hole mailboxes behind the front desk. About every 12th. cheese curl, Mr. Bardenboar who was crunching numbers and mumbling about "deadbeats", would poke his head from behind the counter and yell "Skall, you're gonna have to clean those up!".

I decided this would be a good time to give old Stan some crap and see if I could thoroughly disrupt his bean counting trance.
I strolled up to the counter doing my best "John Wayne just rode a horse for 32 hours and my ass is sore" walk, firmly planted my elbows on the old wood counter, and started to poke.

I said "Stan, when you gonna get rid of those crappy old boxes behind the counter and get us some nice shiny secure ones, so that when my transvestite neighbor gets an envelope of anthrax delivered to him, it doesn't creep it's way around that decrepid hole and infect my latest MENSA certificate?"

Mr. Bardenboar looked at me with what I can only describe as contempt mixed with a kitten dipped in hot sauce. He slowly removed his glasses and let them dangle from thier chain (in an obvious attempt to hypnotise me), placed his pen in his 90 year old ledger book so as not to lose his place, licked his lips and and began to speak with the fervor of a Pentecostal in a television store.

"Son, do you have any idea how long these mailboxes have been here?"

"Do you have any idea who's mail these mailboxes have held?"

"Some of the worlds greatest poets, artists, writers, and musicians have gotten their paychecks, letters from sweethearts, girly magazines, and even Christmas cards here."

"Let me ask you something Mykal, if these mailboxes were good enough for... (he now recited the entire list of famous residents from the 1800's to today, that he recited to me at least a hundred times before, including one time when I complained about a backed up toilet)".. and finished with "then why aren't they good enough for you?"

At this point, I couldn't keep a straight face any longer, and began to crack a smile, I think he started to realize that once again, i was just trying to get the old guy riled up for our entertainment. I had to admit, that on my very first trip to the hotel, the first thing I wanted to see was the old mailboxes, that epitomized the interior of the Chelsea to me.

This seemed to dismiss myself in the old mans eyes as he turned back to his book, and started to raise his specs back to his face. Before he got them all the way up, I stopped him in his tracks and said: "Hey Stan, when you gonna gut room 211, you know the one where that Zimmerman guy stayed, it looks all crapped up since that weirdo painted it all green and blue, can't you tear it out and put some shiny paneling in there?"

At this point I think he caught on that I was trying to kidnap his proverbial goat, he placed his finger in the air as if to silence the words before they left my tongue.

"Skall, I know the room isn't like Mr. Dylan left it, it's had a few coats of paint, and a few other people over the years, but it'll be a cold day in Hell's Kitchen when I ever have that room gutted."

"See, those coats of paint, and those people, are what makes the Chelsea Hotel what it is, no, not all of our floor tile matches, and every room is different, each one holds a piece of the person that stays there, and pieces of all the poeple before them, to gut that room would be like turning your back on the history of this place, and a dishonor to all of those people."

"You want a cookie cutter hotel where all the rooms look the same, and all the people act "normal"? Go down to the Holiday Inn, and ask them in which room was Blonde On Blonde written."

"But you already know that don't you Skall?"
"That's why you're here."

"Now leave me alone and go play with your poet friends."

"And while you're at it, why don't you pay your rent you deadbeat?"

We smiled in synchronicity, as he replaced his glasses, and turned back to writing in his ledger, without missing a beat.

I love that old man.

(Room 211 is now open for viewing in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel, unfortunately the only photos I had to work from were the ones showing the wanton destruction of this great piece of American history. Please visit for the story of the destruction of Bob Dylan's room.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Poet Standing

At 7:30 SLT on Saturday May 9th 2009, we hosted our first ever Spoken Word Competition at the Hotel Chelsea Second Life!

The Last Poet Standing heat promised a prize of $1000L to "the last poet standing" and it is a test of endurance and performance skill, as poets are required to read in a "round robin" format, never reading the same poem twice.

The heat began at 7:30 SLT and featured Gwendolyn, Rosarie, Saberman Carter, Sissimaid, and Skylar Smythe.

Sabreman Carter was the last poet standing, by 12:30 SLT, after five straight hours of Spoken Word Performance!

Spectators filled the room throughout!

Congratulations Sabreman!

For more information about Spoken Word events at the Hotel Chelsea Second Life, please contact Skylar Smythe, Director of Marketing at:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sim Slamming Saturday -Hot Chelsea Nights

Once again, a FULL HOUSE as Musicians and poets packed the Lyceum Lounge at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea.

Chelsea Girls and Bohemians danced long into the night to the music of some of SL's most talented singer songwriters.

Mykal Skall started the night with an impromptu 45 minute warm up set to get things started at 2:15SLT. Followed by:

Matthew Perrault performing originals off of his last two albums, as well as crowd pleasing ecclectic cover tunes, and ending his set with a requested Leonard Cohen tune.

Lance Rembrandt, then took the stage and kept the place hopping with several tunes from his newest release.

Rounding out the Saturday night set was the talent of Nonge Shipman's show of covers and originals.

The night didn't stop there, as a on the spot poetry challenge went out at 7:30pm. SLT, for more on this see then next blog entry.

Open Auditions a rousing success!

We had our first open auditions here at the Chelsea and they were wonderful!
We had Truelie Telling who did a marvelous job of entertaining us.  
We have booked three of the people who auditioned.
Starflower Orbit who will be playing in our line up on May 23rd at 5pm.  Along with Mason Thorne and Keiko!
Also we booked Orson Pfohl who will be playing on May 30th at 4pm along with Clairede Dirval and MMFKMT!
Then we booked JAMBA Losangeles who will be playing on June 6th at 5pm.
Join us again for our open auditions !
We hope to see you at our Live Shows soon! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Nights are Improv and Auditions!!

Due to the overwhelming numbers of live musicians, poets, and spoken word artists who have been expressing interest in playing live at the Virtual Chelsea Hotel, we have set Friday nights starting at 4pm. as "Open Auditon Night". If you would like to try out and see if you fit our venue, please IM enola Vaher.

What happens after auditions? Who knows at the Chelsea?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Room rates drop to entice the artistic and ecclectic.

There were still a few vacant rooms at the Hotel as of yesterday, so we decided that we'd lower rates to attract the bohemians that were already sleeping in the lobby and on the street.

There may be a few left, so get them while you can.

Also there's been a lot of inquires about commercial space, so we began renovation of the storefronts across the street, these should be done by tomorrow evening, and filling quickly.

Advertising is also now available on the bus stop on 23rd. Street.

Mr. Bardenboar has been very pleased to see the hotel filled to capacity nightly, with the kind of crowd that used to be welcome at the RL Chelsea Hotel.

Impromptu Musical Show Draws a Crowd.

Last night at the Lyseum Lounge, an unannounced show took place... drawing on the talents and impulsivness of the gathered boheminas, Mykal Skall took the stage at some time before 7pm. SLT attended by a full house, following Mykal, Phiona Ember, and Buck Sideshow played into the night to delight of the Chelsea crowd.

Griffins in the lobby, naked men flying over the stage, and spur of the moments concerts, truly what makes the SL Chelsea the number one hot spot in Second Life.

You never know what will erupt, so stick around.....

Monday, May 4, 2009


Grand Opening "Bring Back the Bards" an Incredible SUCCESS!!

Virtual Chelsea Bohemians filled the Lyseum Lounge to be a part of this groundbreaking event, and filled the entire Sim as well.

From 12-7pm. SLT (Second Life Time, add 3 hours for EST) it seemed to be the hottest ticket on the grid as the Sim stayed nearly full for all 7 hours!!!!!

The night kicked off with Mykal Skall reading a prepared statement from the RL (Real Life) Residents of the Hotel Chelsea, who run the Hotel Chealsea Blog , the statement was:

"We at the Chelsea Hotel blog would like to thank Mike for all of the hard work he's put in on creating the beautiful virtual Chelsea Hotel. This really helps to draw attention to the issues surrounding the hostile takeover of the Hotel by the minority shareholders and their continued attempts to evict residents and demolish important historical structures throughout the hotel. By going online and continuing the traditions of the Chelsea at the virtual chelsea hotel you too can support us in our struggle. Someday we hope to welcome you here in person and open up the doors of the Chelsea to the creative people who have always dreamed of coming here. Long live the Chelsea Hotel! Bring Back the Bards!"

Amazing spoken word and poetry followed, from some of the most talented writers in Second Life.

Mykal Started the event by reading several of his original poems relating to New York City and the Chelsea Hotel, followed by the emotionally charged prose of Kitviel Silberberg. The final pieces of original work were written and read by NYC's very own Pooky Amsterdam, who read two pieces from her suite of work written about life in a virtual world. Pooky is also resident of the SL Chelsea who spent a lot of time hanging in and around the RL one, including being part of the scene there the day that Andy Warhol died. Due to a cancellation, Mykal then read two pieces from former hotel resident Leonard Cohen. All poets were met with rousing applause.

Next on stage was Ms. Phiona Ember who played a set of cover tunes transformed to the Phiona style, she even made a Miley Cirus song sound fit for the Chelsea crowd. The highlight of her show was the performance of her own composition, that was simply stunning.

The satin voice of Moondoggirl Moomintoog was to follow, but due to so many people being there, and technical difficulties, she didn't get to play her entire show. But what we did get to hear was fantastic. Moon seemed to carefully pick her setlist for the night, to fit the Chelsea Hotel history, and included a cover of former resident Bob Dylan that seemed to transform it into her own. We can't wait to have her back without the stress of the tech problems.

The beautiful baritone Lauren Weyland had the place in stitches as usual sporting bright yellow spandex, and taking jabs at RL and SL subjects as varied as Marlene Krauss, Virtual Sex, Elderly Valley Girls.

Back to spoken word we were treated to the works of Rosedrop Rust, House Ragu, Klannex Northmeade, Skylar Smythe, CorvusPDX Noble, Gwenette Writer, a veritable smorgasborg of SL poetic talent. House's performance of his work was incredibly fit for the venue, and brought to mind whisps of Keroauc and Ginsberg. Skylar also chose to open with her intense slam poem "Bunny Boiler" and followed with surprisingly non-erotic original works. (Skylar is one of SL's best known erotic poets). If you've not heard Klannex, "Rusty", Corvus, or Gwenette, do yourself a favor and attend their next events, as always it was memorable.

Multitalented Rosedrop Rust then put on his musician hat, and treated the crowd to a great mix of originals and covers, highlighted by his talents on not only guitar, but keyboards, and drew the crowd in like moths to a flame.

Treating the crowd to the true storyteller experience, Whirli Placebo painted a picture with every song he sang. Drawing from a catalogue of work dating as far back as the 1800's, he led the gathered bohemians through an hour of time, space, and emotion. This was a true singer/songwriter experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Moxy Barracuda admitted that he had read the sign stating that we at the Lyceum don't usually allow artists who use backing tracks, but that it was all his original music, and it was well received, and sounded great, but Moxy then turned us all on our heels, buy taking up guitar and keyboard, and performing stripped down and emotional versions of his originals which were very good, and very fitting for the night.

Closing out the night, Mykal took the stage as a recording played of Herbert Huncke talking about his take on the term "Beatnik", as this ended the first chords of Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" began to fill the room as a fitting opener for Mykal's act. Telling the story of arriving at the Chelsea Hotel for the first time, taking out his acoustic guitar, and playing, while thinking "Wouldn't it be amazing if someone living in this historic building heard my music through the walls?" he then said that "for those people out there who think that Second Life is "just a game", here's proof to the contrary." "Because of SL, people in the real hotel have heard me, and are hearing us now, and we hope that the rest of the word hears us too, and it helps in some small way to bring attention to the current situation at the hotel, and someday soon they bring back the Bard family." Mykal thanked those listening at both the RL and SL Chelsea and stated that he was "Extremely humbled" by the buzz and attention that this small gesture of his is attracting.

Sometime during the night, an impromptu performace began by Buck Sideshow, as the Chelsea crowd didn't want to give up the night.

Hey baby, there's noise on 23rd. Street, both of them.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

SL Meets RL Grand Opening Event Posted!

Bring Back the Bards! Awareness Event at Hotel Chelsea Second Life

The Hotel Chelsea is one of the last remaining art enclaves and bohemian outposts, which nurtured the musical contributions of artists such as Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, Leonard Cohen and many more.

The Hotel Chelsea in New York is under threat right now, as they have begun to demolish this great piece of our musical heritage. You can do something about it!

Join Mykal Skall and other performing artists at The Hotel Chelsea Second Life for the "Bring Back The Bards!" campaign. This grassroots movement based at the Hotel Chelsea New York (First Life) hopes to reestablish management of the Hotel to the Bard family, who will preserve the history and artistic integrity of the site in perpetuity.

The Grand Opening is Sunday May 3rd begining at 12pm and ending with Mykal Skall Live at 6pm. There will be a myriad of Live Spoken Word Artists, and Live Music including:
Phiona Ember
Moondoggirl Moomintoog
Rosedrop Rust
Whirli Placebo
Moxy Barracuda
Mykal Skall
And the Comedy of Lauren Weyland

Chelsea Hotel Land Mark:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

RL Chelsea Hotel Blog Responds to Times article!

The Bring Back the Bards campaign has taken root in another life thanks to the hard work and talent of Mykal Skall. We're glad to have him on board in our ongoing fight to preserve the 125-year-old tradition of artistic freedom at the Chelsea.
Thanks also to Saki Knafo for bringing Mykal's work, and our struggle, to the attention of a wider public. And for minority shareholders Krauss and Elder, please be put on notice: when you desecrate this iconic hotel, the world is watching, and history will be your judge.
One Correction to the NYT article: Bob Dylan's old room, 211, did not undergo renovations. It was simply, and, I might add, illegally, gutted. Management planned to renovate it, but they did not have the proper permits, so the DOB shut them down. -- Ed Hamilton

Thursday, April 30, 2009

RL Chelsea Resident Contacts the Virtual Chelsea

Arthur "Artie" Nash, is the Chelsea resident who has been hanging the real "BRING BACK THE BARDS!" banners on the Chelsea.

Mr. Nash, a writer, historical archivist and "founder of the Bring Back the Bards Campaign" has been living at the Chelsea since 2005; and among others knew Herbert Huncke and Dylan Thomas's sponsor, John Malcolm Brinnin who brought Thomas to the U.S.A.

Mr. Nash has a great archive of pictures chronicalling the wanton destruction of the hotel by current management at :

Artie has offered to send the virtual Chelsea other pictures if we need them.

Thanks Artie!!

Virtual Chelsea Event Hits youtube!!!

The NY Times interview and poetry read was filmed and edited by SL Chelsea Resident Pooky Amsterdam's company "Pookymedia".

Watch it here!

Chelsea Bohemian Poets Crash Sim!!!

Thanks to the amazing talents of the Virtual Chelsea's Marketing Director Skylar Smythe, what was an impromptu poetry read, became a full blown Sim filling Event!

We had so many people show up to read and listen to our great line up of poets, that some had to leave so that New York Times reporter "Saki Inkpen" could get in to interview Mykal!

Here's a link to Sharon Schuman's flicker page with pics of the event:

New York Times Interviews Mykal amongst a Chelsea Poetry Read.

In an interview with Jeremiah Moss on the Vanishing New York blog, poet and musician Mykal Skall confesses that while most people come to NYC to see the Statue of Liberty or various other tourist attractions, his dream was to come to the city and stay at the Chelsea. There will always be such rare individuals who don’t just automatically accept the Status quo, and since 1884, the Chelsea has been the place that has drawn them in.

Mykal, of course, is the man who created the Virtual Chelsea on Second Life, with the noble purpose of raising awareness of the greed of the minority shareholders who want to to turn this place into a boutique hotel. But as Mykal’s creation shows, though Marlene Krauss and David Elder may have temporarily seized the physical building that houses the Chelsea, they will never be able to gain control of the heart and soul of Chelsea. It is the true artists of the Chelsea Hotel past, present, and future, who will always own that soul – people who are passionate about the unique traditions of the hotel, and loyal to the Bards, who created and nurtured those traditions. Krauss and Elder and their cronies will never gain the trusts of the true artists, because they have no idea what makes them tick.

Hell, Krauss and Elder don’t even understand the BRAND of the Chelsea. They keep trying to rent the rooms to Midwestern tourists on package deals! That’s a bright spot, however, because it means they’ll continue to lose money until they cave in and Bring Back the Bards! Those of us left at the physical Chelsea will continue to fight the good fight so that those of you who dream of joining us will someday have your chance. And in the meantime there’s Mykal’s virtual Chelsea to preserve the ideals that make this iconic hotel great. – Ed Hamilton (Photo: A gathering of poets at the Virtual Chelsea via Sharron Schuman's flickr)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pixel Scoop Writes about the RL/SL Hotels!!

From Pixel Scoop:

The Chelsea Comes to Second Life™

Having featured in films such as The Interpreter, Sid & Nancy and Nine 1/2 Weeks, several music hits and numerous books, the Bohemian hub that is the Chelsea Hotel, New York is something of a Mecca for the creative.

More famed for its permanent residents than its guests, the hotel housed Dylan Thomas, Arthur Miller, Stanley Kubrick and Jane Fonda amongst others.

For those of you who don’t know much about the Chelsea, you can take a quick read here.
More relevant to my point however is the fact that his iconic establishment has now been replicated in Second Life. Mykal Skall has built the Chelsea with impeccable attention to detail right down to displaying the same artwork you’ll find in the real Chelsea and replicas of plaques at the entrance.

The Chelsea in Second Life has already attracted the attention of the New York Times and looks set to become a real focal point for the creative arts within Second Life. An impromptu event on Monday saw some twenty poets take to the stage in the Living with Legends lounge, an area that will host numerous poetry and live music events.

For anyone interested in taking part in anything even remotely creative within SL, it is definitely worth checking out available office space for rent. As well as raising awareness of the hotel and its more recent controversial takeover, which saw the popular Bards ousted from management, the virtual Chelsea is already becoming a meeting point for the artistically minded.

Whether you want to share your creativity, simply watch others share theirs or just explore an incredible build, go along and take a look.

The grand opening will take place on Sunday May 3rd at noon SL time. Want to be a part of the opening of this incredible location? Go on then….

Click here to teleport to the Hotel Chelsea in Second Life.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Picks up Virtual Chelsea Story!!

Hotel Chelsea's Metaverse
Tuesday, April 28, 2009, by Lockhart

Beyond the surprising news that people still hang out in the interactive world of Second Life, there's the equally surprising tidbit that the Hotel Chelsea is nearly perfectly represented inside its virtual environment. Blogger Jeremiah Moss talked to its creator and reports thusly: "We chatted a bit about the vanishing city. About places like CBGB—which also used to have a replica in Second Life (that's where my avatar got his souvenir t-shirt), but that vanished, too. 'Of course,' Mykal said, 'we can always go to Vegas to experience New York.'" [Vanishing NY]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Stan Bardenboar" Re-installed as Virtual Chelsea Manager, RL Residents see glimmer of hope!


The Long Greedy Arms of Minority Shareholders Marlene Krauss and David Elder Do Not Extend to SL

We hear that there's a lot going on over there at the virtual Hotel Chelsea in Second Life. For starters, the "Bring Back the Bard" campaign has been SUCCESSFUL and as you can see from this screen grab Stanley Bard has been firmly installed behind the desk. And, according to Mykal, the creator of the virtual Chelsea Hotel "I'm meeting actual hotel residents who have been in Second Life for some time! (did you know you lived in the midst of avatars?) This will help me to make the hotel even more accurate! As for rent? I plan on doing it the old school way... first of all real residents get dibs, secondly, your art is more important than your rent. Yes, it costs me a bit of money monthly to do this, but if it helps the cause of the hotel residents, it's worth it. If I could live there for real, I would.. this is my substitute for now... enjoy."

For the full story with comments:

Surfinbird Cabaret becomes first RL/SL Chelsea Crossover!

Surfinbird who is a RL photographer and long term resident of the Hotel Chelsea, visited the SL one. And thanks to his help and kind donations, we were able to make the Virtual hotel even more like the RL one!

Surf will be taking up residence in the SL Chelsea, just like the RL one. Look for his work in the hallways and be sure to stop in and say hi!

Thanks for all your help Surfinbird!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Virtual Hotel Chelsea featured on Real Life Hotel Chelsea Blog!


April 22, 2009

Bards Reign Eternal in Virtual Hotel Chelsea on Second Life

Been missing your mail? Pick it up at the virtual Chelsea Hotel on Second Life, where they still have the old time mailboxes. In a timeless hotel where Stanley Bard will always be the manager, cowboy artist David Combs still seems to be painting the lobby. May he paint throughout eternity! Though there’s a convenient cab waiting at the door, in an unfortunate oversight, there’s no Dan’s Guitars. Maybe virtual Marlene Krauss has evicted them. Ah well. And actually, I lied about Stanley being there. (Maybe somebody has to create his character—they should get right on that. If not, Arthur Nash will have to start a Second Life Bring Back the Bards campaign). Gigi Travis and Wee Willie Tillie should join and then they can be dueling failures.

Chelsea Hotel was created in Second Life by Michael Skall who has been "enamoured with the Chelsea Hotel for quiet a few years." In an e-mail he explains his project:

"Second Life ( a virtual online 3D world where all of the content is user created. I regularly perform my music there live, but I've also created the Hotel there from several pictures that I took while there. It's totally interactive, and even has one working elevator, that works sometimes... lol I've also built a virtual lounge where the El Quiote should be, call it virtual poetic license. I plan on hosting poetry reads there, as well as music. "SL" is a great venue to get music and poetry out in almost real time to people all over the world....
I would like your input if you see any way that this can help the cause of saving the Chelsea for what it should be? I may be able to raise awareness, and even have benefits, but I don't know what else I can do to help your cause...
I've attached some pics, and if you are or may get into SL (it's free btw) here's the SLURL you'll need to find it The music is currently all Chelsea related, and if you click on the sign you get a history notecard, as well as the pictures and other plaques give a list of residents."

There you have it! El Quixote has been replaced with a lounge for the poets and musicians to perform their work! Well, better that it happen in Second Life than in First Life I say. Here are the pics if you haven't joined the brave new world of Second Life.