Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So This Was A First in Second Life

Forgot to discuss this yesterday, but thought I would share a Second Life first....

While hanging at the bar chatting and gender swapping with fellow Bohemians, this person wanders in off the street. Those present say hello, person stares at us blankly. You ready for the punchline?

They asked us for money. Just came out and said 'Can I have some money?'with no rhyme or reason even.

The brass ones. I'm not a big fan of people bugging me for money in general, and usually one can count on a strip tease or an awesome mini-concert for a few well-earned L$ on a good day. But no... no nothing. Not even a knock-knock joke or hell, even a good excuse - 'I need the L$ for an electric blood transfusion', 'I need to catch the monorail', 'There's a really sexy flexi skirt I wanted to get in order to start my career as a hooker'... Nothing. Like flat soda. Just right out there... Can I have some money.

It was a strange situation, and we all kind of laughed it off... until the same person wandered in from the lobby and once again asked the question.

My reply was polite enough, I think. I said 'No thank you.'

So here's the fun part.... what's your weirdest/funniest experience while hanging at the Virtual Hotel Chelsea? This is not a rhetorical question. Click the comment dealie below and share share share!

~ Cinn

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