Friday, October 15, 2010

UFO Invasion Near Chelsea Hotel New York City?

For those of you who believe that Elvis never died or that John Lennon was actually taken to another planet to create music for some culturally devoid alien race, we may finally have tangible evidence.

On October 14, 2010 traffic was brought to a standstill while a glowing object in the sky hovered above the Chelsea District in New York City. 

The Alien visitations were foretold by Stanley A. Fulham, a former NORAD worker who wrote a book called "Challenges of Change".  He predicted that visitations would begin on October 14th, 2010 in major cities across the world.

In the book he claims that he communicated with the Aliens (which he calls transcenders) who informed him that "the earth and the human population are in deep trouble because of earth changes (earthquakes and tsunamis), environmental pollution, international terrorism, and the financial crisis. Of these he said that the environmental pollution caused by CO2 is the most dangerous to humans because the pollution increases at a rate of 1% annually and that humans cannot live beyond a CO2 pollution percentage of 22%, that would leave us 22 years before we are in dire straits." 

He was assured by the Aliens he spoke to that they would intervene to prevent the environmental disaster and the obliteration of human kind.

For the complete article published in The Daily Mail (UK) click here.

If the Aliens are landing I think it's pretty cool that they chose The Hotel Chelsea as a "must see" on their list of stops.  But I mean... who could blame them?  Online or offline... the Chelsea rocks.

And it rocks interplanetary ... apparently.

Fox New York reports.


enola said...

Well We ARE A bunch of aliens after all they were just checking in on us : ) saying hi.

Skylar Smythe said...

Artists are definitely a breed onto themselves. We tend to think of ourselves as far removed from "normal" as possible... and we like it that way.

I wonder if the aliens are looking for hot chicks at the Chelsea? Just sayin'...