Sunday, April 22, 2012


I know, it's been too long since I put anything on the blog. But we have been so very busy building and getting things ship shape.
The hotel itself is finished, now we are tweaking things to get them just right. I have been consulting with Arthur Nash and Sherill Tippins on who lived in what room and where said rooms are in the Hotel. This is very complicated, especially for me when I have never actually been there.
But it is coming along nicely. The first couple of floors are open and ready to rent. A hand full of residents have already moved back in. Stephen Sixpence and Wuffle both said it was so nice to be home again. I guess they were tired of squatting on the streets of SL.
We have been having events all through the month of April. Music every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, even if it's only been one show a night.
Crap Mariner came by and shared his 100 word stories with us last week. That was a wonderful experience and we are hoping he will do it again in the future.
Jullianna Julliesse has moved her poetry cafe into the Patti Smith room, and will be having regular events there soon. So that is also exciting.
Our anniversary party is May 4th beginning at 5pm when Mykal Skall will be playing. Followed by Matthew Perreault, David Csiszer and Dann Numbers. In between the music we will have some poets read such as RoseDrop Rust (Rusty) who has read every year since our opening party. It will be a great night and we hope that lots of people come to help us celebrate our 3rd anniversary.
Do stop by the hotel soon and check out all of the amazing work that Mykal, Plato, and yes even myself have been doing. The place is truly a work of art.
For pictures you can check out our Flikr page. And also we have been posting pics on the FaceBook page which you can find here:

Stay tuned for many really fun and interesting events that will be coming up through out the summer. Music, poetry, literary events and who knows what else. Check the calender of events here on the blog. Or you can always contact me, enola Vaher, in world to get info.

One more time I'd like to thank all of the Bohemians for their generosity and participation in what we are doing here. I'd also like to thank the RL Residents of the Hotel Chelsea for their wonderful support. After all if not for them we would have no reason to exist.

See you soon Bohemians.