Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry... Happy... Umm... Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Three Kings Day, Rohatsu, Ramadan and so on :)

Hello Bohemians!

Hopefully I caught which ever holiday it is that you do celebrate :) If not, no lashings with wet noodles >.>

If you missed it, the shows tonight were fantastic! Pre-Christmas shows and NOTHING till the 29th :) Just before the New Year.

Geos Copperfield
Geos was really in the spirit tonight, and dressed the part rather well :)

So did Lazarus Doghouse but *face palm* I missed the opportunity to get a good picture of him.

Tayla Lorakeet
We also had a wonderful bird avatar join us near the end of Geos' set tonight. Tayla Lorakeet is the owner of the Palm Springs Music Venue in SL. I always love the "dress up" aspect of SL and this is a fantastic one :)

We had a fantastic crowd tonight, sad if you missed it. Geos was followed by Zen Revnik (AKA John Roudolph) Both have a sound that compliment one another so it was a wonderful night of music.

Crowd at The Chelsea 2011 December 22

That's it for tonight :) If you aren't catching the shows, you're missing a truly good time :)

enola Vaher - Hotel Chelsea Manager

Perkey Felwitch - Hotel Chelsea Staff
MerryHappy ChristmasHanukkahKwanzaaSolsticeThree Kings DayRohatsuRamadan and so on :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

I like traffic lights.. I like traffic lights...

Frank Zappa, one time resident of the RL Chelsea Hotel may have done that song as a foreshadowing of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea sim... It was asked if the street lights change at all... I can bear witness to the fact that no, no they don't. Out of curiosity, I stood out in the empty street for about half an hour tonight and not a single one of the lights changed. All of them are red as well. So, if you want to drive around, avoid any cops. You'll be running red lights all the time :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Live shows at Hotel Chelsea .. Yes, they happen!

Every week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, enola does her best to book some of the best Live Performers in SL to grace the Hotel Chelsea stage. This Saturday was no different (and I always wonder why the 300+ Bohemians can never make it over).
Lyndon Heart (and his hat!! <3)

We had Lyndon Heart on our stage for the first time. Lyndon has been performing in Second Life for a while now, and has a pretty good show. Despite some technical issues, the show went on. And his hat rocks LOL

You can find out more about Lyndon on his website.

David Csiszer

David joined us again this week (this is what happens when weeks blend and booking blend every month LOL) but we always enjoy his shows :) I still don't think he can over play any song, and he's one of the masters with the looper when he gets going!

He's also a linguistics teacher! Now we know how to ask where the monkey is :) Always useful! Providing of course, we lose a monkey in Mexico o.0

It was a fairly tame night at the Chelsea :) Only interesting avatar of the night was me o.o LOL

And don't call me CUTE!! >.<

That's all for this edition of your Chelsea blog. Remember, it is for you, Bohemians. The blog, the shows, all of it :)

Oh! If you have any ideas for the blog, please feel free to send me e-mail. Also, I'd like to do a series of interviews with Chelsea artists, so be warned! Questions coming!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New music, Old favorites and o.o who knew...

Tonight was quite a night on the Chelsea stage. Well, it always is, actually, and if you miss a performance on the Chelsea stage… Ummm… What is wrong with you!!! /o\

EmJay Fretwerk
EmJay Fretwerk made her first of what we hope will be many appearances on the Chelsea stage. Her voice is real, gritty and pure. Her originals are amazing (she may deny it but she DOES have a Murder Ballad!!!) and full of emotion you will recognize. EmJay’s voice is perfect for the John Prine covers she picks. A great addition to the Chelsea line-up and we look forward to her next performance.

lol Only in SL <3 Monkey w/a bong

And of course, fans are always fantastic too :D For example, we have Spacemonkey420 Northman, who was indulging along with a few others while listening to EmJay LOL Love the monkey avatar, well done, and the Fedora is par excellence. 

Zen Revnik. Find out more about the man and his music at

 It’s a real treat to hear Zen Revnik again. He’s a fantastic performer who doesn’t play often enough in SL. His song “Coffee and Wine” is quite apt for our Bohemians and hearing him live is wonderful..
In other news, enola’s new computer fund is at 41%! When SL phases out the non mesh viewers, enola’s current system will not be able to handle the graphics. Mykal started the fund about 2 months ago, and your support has been fantastic :) Thank you!

Christmas is on track. A few decorations were added recently and more will be up later on. We may even include dirty snow LOL it is New York after all :D

What is your idea of the "perfect Christmas"? Favorite Christmas Movie? Song? Picture? A lot of questions, I know, but I love to hear the answers :)

The Hotel Chelsea Christmas Tree