Thursday, November 18, 2010

Awesome Group Show at Gallery 23 Runs Through End of December!

Come check out 6 excellent bohemian artists showing their work at Gallery 23. Maria Enchanted’s art reminds me of favorite childhood stories such as Alice in Wonderland, and comic book illustrations. Talullah Winterwolf features four very well balanced and textured photo-manipulations that stimulate the mind in open narrative form. Escarius Iuga shows a mix of inworld kinetic artwork, photo-manipulation, and photography. Kyra Roxan provides a moving feast of in-world kinetic wall sculptures. Talia Lefarve provides a mix of in-world kinetic art as well as photography. Allyson Firehawk’s tantalizing erotic work has a delightful fetish bent. Each artist brings something delicious to the senses. Come see and tell me what YOU think.

Please be sure to rate the Gallery using the SL Art Galleries Kiosk.

If you are an artist interested in exhibiting in Gallery 23 please contact Enola Vaher.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

King Kong Takes a Swipe at Residents on Halloween!

The party was a major success at the Lyceum in the Virtual Hotel Chelsea in Second Life on Halloween night, complete with Stick Figures, Batman, Catwoman, Vampires, Demons, Zombies, Fairies, Clowns, Robots, Genies, and even King Kong himself! What a trip, he was too big to get in so he kept swinging and swiping at the others on the dance floor. I kept having to duck for cover between kisses and dances with my sweetheart. And let's not forget the rockin' homage to Clockwork Orange thanks to Plato: you go grrrl!

We all enjoyed delicious tunes spun by none other than awesomely talented DJ Fantasy2U Deere. Thank you to Enola Vaher, our amazing manager, who worked so hard to get logistics perfect for us and her role as party hostess as well. A huge thank you to Mykal Skall for making such a wonderful idea as this party possible, and decorating it fantastically. Oh yes, and the fake-out lucky chair was a hilarious touch, buddy! The prize pool for the Best in Costume was sweetened by a generous donation of art by none other than resident artist Art Stickfigure. Way to go bohemians, I can't wait to celebrate Halloween again with all of you next year!

If any of you wonderful attendees happen to have pictures of this fun event, please send them to me, Gwen Difference, so that I may add them to this post!  Thanks all for being there, it was GREAT to be among you.

(all images posted thus far have been taken by Gwen Difference at the party itself. All additional submitted works will be cited and credited to their respective contributors.)
Mykal Skall, as a Priest, in front of his fake-out Lucky Chair