Sunday, August 9, 2009

Art By Any Other Name is Still Art aka You Want Some Cheese to Go with Your Wine?

If you haven't gotten your culture on yet and visited all the friggin' awesome of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, well, then I just feel sad for you. There. I've said it. Saaaad.

Where are all these galleries, you ask? Well, hell... here, let me just hold your hand a bit.

First and foremost, there's Gallery 23 at
Featured artists include:
Seven Jacks
Ducce Lykin
Ichiko Miles
Juliete3D Quinzet
Van Caerndow
Perkey Felwitch
Arkalen Stratten

First up on Gallery Row is Intaglio at
Some truly neat art, so go check it out.

Next is my lil piece of art heaven, The Wrong-side Gallery: The right art for all the wrong reasons at
We'll be featuring the art of writer Suzi M at the Grand Opening set for Noon, SLT TODAY. There will be wine, cheese, and in true gritty NYC style... virtual cocaine. There will also be a surprise guest straight out of one of Suzi's Immortal War novels, so come on down at Noon SLT!

Third on the row is Vividblack Galleries at
Incredibly intense photo art. Seriously, you need to check it out.

Bringing it all together is the Factory Galleries at
Featuring art work by the lovely and talented Enola Vaher of Finely Torn "Id" gallery fame (and if you've visited the Lyceum, you've more than likely met Enola :)).

For those artists out there looking to get in on the action, there are still some spaces available in the Factory, so get thee there and rent em up!

See everyone at the Grand Opening today!

~ Cinn

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Anonymous said...

I love this post!
Way to go Cinn. I think showing in Second Life is a whole new experience because I can meet people and view the work together instead of just the one reception night on Real Life Galleries. I also like showing my friends work this way.