Friday, August 7, 2009

No Habla Espanol or Portugese!

Don't let the title fool you... I'm sure you'll find someone who speaks those languages at The Virtual Hotel Chelsea, especially if you came in together and know each other.

Just don't assume the rest of us speak either of those languages. Especially if one certain Cinnamon Zemenis says "NO habla espanol." See, the word 'no' can be so misleading, I understand how you might be confused. No really, I mean that.

NO I DON'T! See how no still means no across the board? It's so versatile. NO NO NO. NO I will not show you my room at the Chelsea, even if you ask me several different ways. The room is by invite only. No I will not be impressed by your inability to use Google translator to babble something about a lime??? WTF? I don't have a lime, and you will not stand in awe of it. (I mean, seriously... a LIME?? I have no idea.)

No, you may not see my pixels, nor should you be impolite when asking another resident or visitor of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea to see their pixels. Trust me, if they wanted to see you naked, they would have asked. Yeah, I'm looking at you over there with your genders sticking out of your pixelpants.

But onward and upward - you there, put it away, it's a figure of speech! Both hands on the keyboard and such.

Tonight's mayhem will begin at 7pm SLT with the awesome of Mykal Skall giving us all aural pleasure with original songs sung in the key of sexy.

After that? Who knows? I do expect that all creepy non-pants folk will DRESS accordingly. See how I did that? That whole get dressed subtle hint. Where do you think we are? In a friggin' barn?

Other updates and adventures du jour, for those following the limited adventures I've had so far that have nothing to do with foreign limes, genders, or pixelpants....

If you haven't checked out the gallery stuff all over the place around the virtual Hotel Chelsea, then I really think you need to put your pixelpants back on, take off your genders, and go mingle with the artisterati of digital Bohemia.

Note to fellow Chelsea residents... if you plan on indulging in *ahem* extracurricular activities in your room, may I (highly) suggest using a private chat channel? Trust me, you'll thank me for my advice or at least the knowledge that everyone can hear you. And Ducce will thank you. LOL

Adventure of the day was a shopping trip with the lovely and luscious Lacey Razorfen, wherein we ventured for accessories and such. Got to see some of the more interesting Furries I've encountered in SL. I think they were supposed to be cats, but they greeted each other like stuffed animals. It was creepy in a Rainbow Brite sort of way.

At least they kept their pants on.... four legs bad? I don't think so.

~ Cinn

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