Saturday, May 5, 2012

3rd Anniversary party a BLAST!

So we planned this intimate little get together of our Bohemian friends, and we filled the sim all night long! 135 people showed up in all during the course of our party. We began at 4pm with readings from Rosedrop Rust, Crap Mariner and Jullianna Julliesse. 100 words stories and poetry dedicated to the Hotel.
This was followed by Live Music beginning with our own Mykal Skall. Then Matthew Perreault, David Csiszer and Dann Numbers took the stage.
All in all it was an amazing 3rd anniversary. There are so many people to thank I wont even begin to list them, Im sure to leave someone out! But I do want to thank all of the Bohemians for their amazing support, for coming out to help us celebrate and for all donations.
For more photos of the event check out our blog at: