Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hi there, everyone. I'm Crap Mariner, one of the folks doing stories and literary stuff here at Hotel Chelsea, working for Julie J on getting that side of the community going here.

Nice to meet you.

Hey, wanna talk about crazy things... well, I swore an oath to write a 100 word story every day until the day I die.

I'm not dead yet, so I'll be reading the stories in the VIRTUAL HOTEL CHELSEA LOBBY over Voice today at 8AM SLT:

hotel chelsea 100ws (5)

Hoping to make this a regular kinda thing early on the weekends so the European folks and people-who-have-lives-during-the-week crowd can suffer just like the people at my Wednesday sessions do.

Also, I'd like to see if this weekend session evolves into a kind of workshop for the weekly challenges on my podcast, folks will be able to read their own 100 word long pieces if they'd like to share.

Oh. Right. The podcast. If you can't make it, you can suffer through the archives of stories at:

Anyway, I'll be over in the lobby around 8AM today, and we'll see how this thing goes, okay? Thanks, -ls/cm