Monday, January 9, 2012

Umm... Hello again!

I know! Went quiet on the blog after the Holiday one (blog that is), but it's been super busy LOL Shows, travel and so on :)

But never fear! Your intrepid blogger (that would be me) is back! Well, I've been around, just not writing the blog!

In Hotel news: Gallery 23 has a new set of artists showing right now. This show opened January 8th and will stay up till the end of February. We had 27 Bohemians attend the opening and ogle the artwork of Sitar Ishelwood, Pepper Chaffe, Araminta Kroitschov, Walt Ireton, Philippeg Galli, Russell Applemoor, and the Chelsea's own enola em Vaher. Artist Sitar Ishelwood provided DJ services for the evening.

There's some fantastic artwork showing so make sure to stop by Gallery 23 and take a look :)

You missed some great end of 2011 shows. On the 28th we had Matthew Perreault and Gavin Zane on stage and a fine show it was.

Matthew Perreault hanging at the bar after his gig. Gavin Zane keeps the festivities going  with his own brand of music.
 The end of 2011 brought some interesting things to the Chelsea sim.

We were visited by Llamas.. Yes... I typed Llamas...

Kit Calico stopped by to visit with the Llamas in question. Apparently, it may be the beginning of a new taxi and service. Some investigation is warranted.

There's been little snowfall on the Chelsea Manhattan sim this year. none that stuck around. Kit's visit put a nice cap of whimsy on the end of 2011. Personally, I want to know more about the bear o.o

Also on New Years Eve, that night, if you missed it, for the first time ever, your intrepid blogger (that would be me again) DJ'd the "Goodbye 2011" party in the Chelsea Venue. 

Perkey Felwitch DJ'd the "Good bye 2011" party and did well, perhaps due to the rum :)
All reports say that it was a good party that lasted well past the time we thought it would :) Good music was played (all of enola's requests, even when they were the wrong ones) and much fun was had. 

We bid 2011 a not so fond farewell and look forward into the new year!

With that said, our first show of 2012 was on January 3rd with Geos Copperfield. Always a good show, our photographer (again, that would be me) was distracted during most of the show and didn't get a picture (shame on me, can't say it won't happen again).

On the 5th, we were entertained by Gavin Zane and Zen Revnik :) enola does a fantastic job of matching performers for the 2 hour sets and this was a fantastic show!

Kaklick Martin

Whirli Placebo
That's right! We had shows on the 7th too! (points up) That's the who it was, but you had to be there to hear how fantastic it was!

*Whew* OK, that's it for now... I think... Maybe... So much going on this month!

If you don't know what tomorrow night is, well, let's just say your intrepid blogger is one happy avatar and may just do a fan girl squeal during the shows tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10th). 

Just maybe ;)

Hugs and be excellent to yourselves,
Perks ;)