Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This was the begining of the note card Mykal Skall sent out on March 11th, 2012. "Three years ago this may we departed on this adventure with you our Bohemian friends and supporters." It was an adventure to be sure. After a while tho tips went down, Bohemian participation went down, and we had to lower rents and pay musicians less. While still trying to cover costs, like tier and LL fees. Then LL decided that we actually owed more tier than we had thought. This sky rocketed us into a higher tier bracket that had to come out of Mykals pocket. This burden just became too much.
"It is with heavy heart that I contact you today, to let you know that the Virtual Hotel Chelsea is shutting it's doors."
This statement caused ripples of fear and trauma in both SL and even at the real life Hotel Chelsea. I made mykal promise not to close the venue until I could have a "last show". I also made him promise to come that night. Much to our delight and surprise, just an hour before the "last show" Artie Nash of the Real Life Hotel Chelsea offered to pay our tier for one month so that Mykal could get things in order and save the Hotel. This was our reprieve. So mykal agreed to rebuild the hotel according to the original blue prints and lose some land to lower tier. So while the Hotel Chelsea almost died, with great thanks from Artie Nash and so many of the Bohemians we have been saved.
"I know you all came here for the wake of the Virtual Hotel Chelsea, and I hate to disappoint you, but "The Corpse Just Blinked"." Mykal said that saturday night.
However, in order to continue to survive we will depend on contributions from several sources.
You can get more information regarding donations at Ed Hamiltons website: The Hotel Chelsea blog. http://legends.typepad.com/
As for our future plans for the Hotel, Myk is building in a frenzy now to get it finished as quickly as possible and as accuratly and even more wonderful than it was before. The residents who were ousted will be encouraged to come back at the same rates as before, with two weeks free rent as added incentive. Shows will begin again in April, and we will have our Anniversary party in the beginning of May. You can expect the return of Lit night along with Poetry events. Thanks to R. Crap Mariner and Julliana Julliesse.
I would like to personally thank all of my wonderful musicians for their undying support of our venue.
The following are some testimonials written by Bohemains when they thought we were closing. Thank you Bohemians for all of your comments and your support. We hope to make this your home again, and hope that you will stay with us forever. This is a story with a happy ending. THANK YOU ALL!

Bohemian Testimonials:
I was born and raised in New York...but I have not lived there for over 40 years. The Hotel Chelsea has given me a Second Life connection to my past life. I have always been a big fan and a friend of Mykal Skall and of course Enola is an angel. Donna and Perkey are also perfect hostesses and make everyone feel at home.
Besides all of that...the music has been great and the art scene here is totally awesome and inspiring. It will be a sad day when the Hotel vanishes and there will be another hole in my life.

Van Caerndow

The Hotel Chelsea was for me, one of the finest and friendliest places in all of SL. Not only was the build modeled after the RL Hotel Chelsea in New York City, it also promoted the bohemian lifestyle, catering to artists from all walks of life. And the history behind the Chelsea is truely amazing.
In addition to the hotel, the El Quixote Lounge featured many of Second Life's best performers Such as Jed Luckless, Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, Matthew Perrault, Boney Mosely and many others rocking the house several nights of the week.
Then there were the many galleries; Gallery 23, where I was invited to exhibit some of my art pieces on several occasions along with many new artists to Second Life, the MOMA, where I frequently browsed the many paintings, some of which were done by famous artists such as Picasso and Braque. It was aslo the place where I chose to open a gallery of my own.
The loss of the Hotel Chelsea and what it stood for is a sad day for the Bohemians and all of Second Life.

Pepper Chaffe

The virtual Chelsea is where I got my start exhibiting creative work in Second Life in November of 2009. I remember meeting the owner of Vivid Black gallery on my first visit and through her I learned about Enola, Manager of the hotel, and to speak to her about renting a gallery too. Through the nurturing support of fellow bohemians and the patient guidance of Enola Vaher and Mykal Skall I watched the sim blossom into a wonderful community of people I was proud to be around. I remember enjoying exhibits at Gallery 23, visiting other galleries that came and went over the years, and live music acts that blew me away with their power.

I had a chance to contribute a bit too behind the scenes with customizing a facelift to the blog, adding a bit of my voice to its message, and various small tasks in an effort to say thank you to the folks that helped me see SL as more than just a playground. I will miss this wonderful center of creativity in SL, and the Chelsea will always be remembered fondly.

~Gwen Difference
The Hotel Chelsea means art, freedom, friendship, love, expression, bohemian. All words that can describe what the Chelsea means to me. Here we could be true to ourselves, no pretense. And know that we would be accepted as we are, no matter what part of the world we come from or what our beliefs are. A love of art and beauty were the common thread that stitched us all into a beautiful quilt. In this place I have made some lifelong friends and in this way the Chelsea will always be a part of me. So I only say farewell to the prims and the sim but not to the Chelsea. Within me it will always remain.

Pattye Caproni
Why we have to learn English ?

Being on Hotel Chelsea, in literary nights I was really happy to listen to others reading in voice theyr books or just reading something.

I am happy anytime when I remember those nights.

Same time I remember my first Second Life birthday party. Was amazing to see and to listen live player.

Now for me is to early to go there, my RL time is between 4 and 6 am. My last year I was busy to rest for my RL work.

I hope to find you again online, to feel and to listen to you again , all.

Same time I look for an online job or activity. Then I'll be able to be with you more times.

I am sure that Hotel Chelsea will be alive in our souls forever and we'll be able to reborn it somehow. I'll be happy to start again literary nights there :).

Hope to listen to you all again, playing or reading.

You can see my impression there when I was there often.


I wish for you all to compose more songs, stories and to tell us about them online in a Hotel Chelsea place :).

Finaly , why we have to know English ? Because we can read more stories, we can read more books and we can make our souls to grow up in the lights. And music and literature will be the main food for your hearts and mind, for your souls.

Be happy !
I remember when Jyl and I first rented a room at the Hotel Chelsea. I was jazzed about decorating it in a manner that would dovetail with the eccentricity of the great hotel. I knew people nosed around all the time. There would be no privacy, so I may as well give the rubberneckers a showpiece.

I asked Jyl if she had any requests. She asked only for a sofa that resembled a pair of lips. I purchased it, and rezzed it. It was late for her, and she happily went to bed, anticipating the new room. I stayed up all night decorating. I think the room was set in 1974, thereabouts. A Peter Max painting hung on the wall, a lava lamp sat on a crate, a couple of faux native masks were displayed, a large mother-in-law's tongue plant sat spikily, the corner boasted a working Coca-Cola machine, and on the floor rested music albums. I believe they were Jimi Hendrix "Electric Ladyland", Beatles' "Yellow Submarine", and I think CSN--the one with the couch.

In the corner was the coveted lips sofa. The sofa was inspired by a Salvador Dali painting that he later made into a room which celebrated the face of Mae West. I approximated it as much as I could with my building skills at the time. I was excited to share this '70s style room with Jyl when she logged in later that evening.
I forgot Jyl was younger than I and she had absolutely no frame of reference for the genius I had unleashed upon her. She was less than thrilled with my groovy style choices, but we hung out there for a short while until RL finances made it necessary to move.

But I absolutely want to thank Mykal, and of course, Enola, for making it possible for Jyl and I to have taken part in the bohemian lifestyle for even just a little while. The Hotel Chelsea in Second Life will truly be missed.

Numinus and Jyl Quandry

Around 2008, I just started my sabbatical in So Cal. Logged in to SL for learning scripting and 3d to enhance my RL creative work. I wasn’t expecting much more. At the time I really missed New York City and needed to fill that void. The day I entered the Virtual Hotel Chelsea I immediately felt in love with it. Enola and Mykal was such a great host and made me felt welcome. The music, the art and the vibe felt as a real life artist community. Just like the one’s back in home. I even stayed at Stanley Kubrick’s (studied his work during college) room for a while before heading back to New York to restart.

Virtual Hotel Chelsea was the most comfortable sim I ever been.

Cozy like the old dives that I once dwell and the one’s I visit that are still around. Even more cozy then my 1024 virtual meter to the square root to the 2.

I literally thought I was in New York when I enter the sim.

Ed Zee - March 17, 2012
When Hotel Chelsea recently closed its doors for commercial reasons in the real world, I felt like I got hit in my stomach.
Now the situation repeats again in second life.
It seems that we need necessarily the third life, another place where the values will be spared,
where intentions remain pure and genius loci will be saved.
For both hotels - I wish quick comeback.

Lennci Novelli, former resident and Bohemian
Hotel Chelsea was my island of stability and sanity from all the terrorism on Philosophy Island. When my mind was spinning too fast with left brain activity I visited the Hotel to calm my right brain with live music. When the otherwise decent ladies were fighting over my avatar's body I hid out on the dance floor with ladies who just wanted to shake their own bodies. Hmmm, that's a lie; when we got tired of talking philosophy I brought them to the Hotel to let them enjoy the dance animations that were so intimate that they would excite the passions of the real women behind their avatar. OMG, there I go thinking about myself again, about my materialistic left-brain self who reguards women as objects to be manipulted by a few rational tricks. In this note I should be celebrating enola's grace in managing the Hotel and the comfort she gave to all us visitors....and the selection of live music performers. OMG, a naked lady just came and sat down in the gizabo next to me; I better take care of her now and get back to you later.... haha.

Farv Hallison
Two people befriended me in SL in the sense that they were willing to talk to me about serious issues like personal identity in SL and RL. They were enola and the naked lady on Philosophy Island. I let them think I was a nice girl but it is time to set the record straight.: I came into SL to overcome my shyness about sex.

I tried to become an escort when I first arrived but the establishment didn't want me because I didn't have enough skill flirting or role playing. I was in competition with 18 year olds who just graduated from TeenSL, who had much more skill with sex animations. I thought the Teen version was to protect tender young children from gross adult sex but it is the other way around! They let me learn first hand how inexperienced I was but letting me join in on an after hours orgy having five girls sucking on the body parts of one guy. There were already five girls in direct contact with him so the closest I could get was to suck on one of the girls. I guess that makes me technically bi, but I am not shy any more.

Then I had a fling with some young Italian man at a nude beach. He was extreamly needy and wanted to have pixel sex because the girls of his aquaintence in RL didn't want to have sex with him. I found that increadible and tried to persuade him to spend more time meeting girls at church. He couldn't explain to me why he was so backward about girls, so searched through some philosophy sites to ask them what is wrong with Italian men. The naked lady had an immediate answer that all Italian men are momma boys. That was a clear and satifying answer. I spent a lot of time on Philosophy Island after that until the social life exploded with accusations of gender crossing with alternative avatars and ballot stuffing with multiple avatars. Everyone confessed to having multiple and I becaume confused about my own identity because I was judging my own identity by comparing myself with the people around me. I was on the verge of leaving SL in confusion but the naked lady encoraged me to stay and accept avatars for whatever they presented themselves to be and the sex of the real person behind the avatar didn't matter as long if you weren't going to sleep with them.

I left Philosophy Island for a long time after that and found and hung out at the Hotel. The manager enola reassured me that there were a lot of nice people at the hotel and if I wanted to try to be a hooker again I could hang out on the lamp post in front of the Hotel.

Irene Ronwood
I lived a while in Arthur C. Clarke room in Hotel Chelsea Manhattan NYC it was very inspiring especially my meeting with passionate Enola Vaher, it so sad to say goodbye to a unique place in Second Life.

I hope one day to see the Hotel Chelsea in real life-


Betty Tureaud

a artist from Denmark

The Chelsea Hotel to me is a magnificent replica of a period of time that was beauty, relevance and truth, Every detail is absolutely perfect in the construction, the architecture of this real life hotel has been kept alive by Michael Skall
I first came to look , then to rent and then to always want to be a part of the amazing
music and art venue that it is, but beyond that it is always Enola and her warm welcoming caring ways that draw me there. In her busy day here she takes time for every newbie, or old timer , Enola makes everyone special that comes to the Chelsea, It is just her way. She has been known to give a tour of the rooms and will tell you about who stayed there.
She books nobody but the best here, and stands true to the( Must be an original artist) to play here. She goes through great pains to see that the requirements are never compromised. I love the Venue, the talent, the friends I visit here. I also love the way that Michael has immortalized and tied to save the real life Chelsea .
Michael is an awesome talent in so many ways Poet, Singer, Artist (and a really great guy) .
I cannot Imagine sl without the Chelsea Hotel, sad thought to me.
Nothing can ever replace this magnificent place, where everyone can come to listen to awesome music, poetry, rent a room, look at amazing go shopping or just hang out for a while.
Enola is kind to every person who stops by for any reason and always goes out of her way to make everyone comfortable. It is like we are visiting Enolas' home. Enola is the Soul of the Chelsea Hotel. And bless your soul Enola I hope you keep your home!!
Love, Phobe and Zingo Hax

The Hotel Chelsea has always been one of my favorite venues to perform at in Second Life. Something about the Chelsea always seemed to bring out crowds that were friendly to original music, which worked well for me as a singer-songwriter. When I started playing there, I was intrigued by the rooms dedicated to Bob Dylan and Sid Vicious and Nancy, which led me to read up more on the history of the real life Hotel Chelsea. This led me to make a special trip to the real life Hotel Chelsea when I was in New York City….it was almost surreal how much I was reminded of the SL version.

Eric Steffensen

The Chelsea was the first place I really found in SL, by chance I stumbled upon someone who recommended the immense amount of hospitality and as a noob I jumped for it. Little did I know I would meet Enola- who's patience and friendliness helped me decide to stay in SL, and to branch out. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance, and the Hotel to call my home. I was a true Bohemian- setting my home to the lobby and returning there upon every login. It was exciting because I knew I was going to meet such interesting and welcoming people every time I logged on there. Eventually I found a job, learned tricks of the trade, and even became a renter at the Hotel. I feel like I've been a part of the family for ages. Perkey, Enola, Donna, and Mykal worked so hard for Chelsea, and I was beyond sad to see that things were falling apart. I hope that somehow we are able to save the Hotel. I want to continue the tradition of a welcoming, colorful, musical environment where everyone is welcome and encouraged to have fun and be themselves. Hotel Chelsea is a living breathing landmark that I will fight for, and I hope that others will get to experience the soul and heart of it as I have.
-Fiona Alidiana

The Hotel Chelsea is the highlight of my sightseeing destinations on SL. I live near NYC in real life and often pass the actual one on 23rd St. I have gone inside and thought, I much prefer the decor and the atmosphere of the one right here on SL.
I have spent many happy moments up on the roof terrace , looking out from my balcony in my room and dancing in the lobby of this priceless HOTEL CHELSEA. I hope it never goes away.
I was asked for one paragraph on what Hotel Chelsea in Second Life means to me. How can I sum up the experience in one paragraph? Chelsea has been my second home for the last 3 years in SL. It's where I spend time listening to some of the best music on the grid. Where I know I'll find enola, a kindred soul, if not a sister of my soul. It's where I gained confidence in my writing, where I learned to express myself, my way, and fell acceptance and love no matter what I choose to dress as. Hotel Chelsea in one paragraph? It's home, it's nirvana, it's inspiration and it will be truly missed.


As manager of the Hotel Chelsea it was my pleasure to help everyone who came through the door. It was not only my job, but my home, the place i hung out with friends, the place where i lived and breathed in SL. I made so many wonderful friends there, people who came by to see the build and stayed. It became their home too. Hotel Chelsea was a unique and marvelous place in second life. Where people felt at home and had good times. I will miss not only working there but also just being a part of the whole experience. I will carry it in my heart forever.

enola Vaher